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The McIntosh Family has been involved with horses of all breeds for generations. In the mid 1950s Jack McIntosh became involved in livestock feeds and supplements. McIntosh Pro Line evolved from decades of experience. We are proud of the products we sell. Proud enough to put our name on the brand.

Intensive Care GI 10lbs
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Intensive Care GI 10lbs


A healthy gut is EVERYTHING.

• Sooth ulcerated stomachs
• Increase digestion
• Better feed conversion, see your horse gain weight
• Very palatable; in a cinnamon oatmeal base.

Horses are no different that humans! They suffer from nervous stomach, digestive problems and stress. This relates to irregular eating habits, weight loss and poor performance.
Intensive Care GI gives the horse owner or caregiver a new tool in the quest for the management of GI disorders that manifest themselves in many ways and at many inopportune times. Intensive Care GI has the potential to impact gut microbiology with the goal of lessening the impact of pathogen and other multifactor challenges to the horse’s digestive system.  The components of Intensive Care GI have excellent nutritional and physiological aspects associated with its use that help strengthen the GI tracts defense mechanism and at the same time potentate its normality.
Performance demands and excesses
• Constant changes in water and feed supply
• The stressors associated with performance activities
• Travel and trailering
• Anxiety when separated from their familiar surroundings and companions.
Horse owners should recognize that drug therapy instituted without concomitant dietary therapy often yields less than desirable results in the long-term management of most GI dysfunctions. A multitude of factors are involved in maintaining intestinal integrity (mass and function). Intensive Care GI provides an important tool in the managing of potential and current problems associated with its area of effectiveness.  Malnutrition, improper nutrition or unplanned nutrition all has direct and definite effects on the GI tract. The often-resulting diarrhea and abnormal gastric evens further exacerbate the original abnormal state.  Intensive Care GI can be seen as an important multiple dietary manipulation that is all contained in a simple easy to use form.
Available Sizes:
2 lbs (900g)       (45 day supply)
5 lbs (2.27 kg)  (113 day supply)
10 lbs(4.5kg)    (226 day supply)
20 lbs (9kg)     (550 day supply)