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Equine News

MPL is very proud to have Jessica Phoenix endorse our Horse Treats.

Jessica is a world class athelete having competed in two Olympics and will again be representing Canada in the upcoming Olympics.

The Jessica Phoenix Pro Treats come in three flavours Apple-Icious, Carrot Craving & Peppermint Pleasure. All Pro Treats treats are sugar and filler free.

To learm more about Jessica, ; ;


MPL is happy to introduce our newest product. High Quality ground Flax Seed.

All Canadian. Grown, milled and packaged in Canada

Check out Flax Seed and its benifits under "horses" "nutrition"

Available in 9kg/20lb or 18kg/40lb boxes

Any questions feel free to contact us or call 1-877-825-7325




McIntosh Pro Line is proud to offer all our on-line products in Canadian Dollars!

a $100.00 purchase gets you free shipping!

Check out our New Gut-Aide. Sooth Ulcers and irritated stomaches Naturally.

You do not need those expensive Rx products. Gut-Aide works!