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Vitamin C Powder 500g Airways 101 4 lbs McIntosh Pro Line DMac™ 2lbs
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The McIntosh Family has been involved with horses of all breeds for generations. In the mid 1950s Jack McIntosh became involved in livestock feeds and supplements. McIntosh Pro Line evolved from decades of experience. We are proud of the products we sell. Proud enough to put our name on the brand.

BCAA 1lb
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BCAA 1lb


B.C.A.A. ( Branched Chain Amino Acids ) are three essential amino acids; leucine, valine and isoleucine.
The idea behind BCAA supplements relates to a phenomenon known as central fatigue, which holds that mental fatigue in the brain can adversely affect physical performance in endurance events. Supplementing the diet with additional levels of BCAA is thought to block the tryptophan transport and, therefore, delay fatigue.
Available Sizes:
1 lb (454g) - 2 lb (900g) – 10 lb (4.5 kg)