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Vitamin C Powder 500g Airways 101 4 lbs McIntosh Pro Line DMac™ 2lbs
About Us

The McIntosh Family has been involved with horses of all breeds for generations. In the mid 1950s Jack McIntosh became involved in livestock feeds and supplements. McIntosh Pro Line evolved from decades of experience. We are proud of the products we sell. Proud enough to put our name on the brand.

Creatine 20lb
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Creatine 20lb


Benefits of Creatine:
• Increase power output - Delay fatigue
• Can provide the kick necessary for the horse to finish the event strong.
• Accelerates energy recovery between bouts of intense exercise
• Minimizes lactic acid buildup
• Increase peak muscle torque
• Improves recovery following heavy workouts or competiton
• Increase body weight as well as power
Available Sizes:
2 lb (900g) – 5 lb (2.27 kg) – 20 lbs (9kg) – 55 lbs (25kg)